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Meet the BD MAX™

The BD MAX™ System is a fully-integrated, automated platform that performs nucleic acid extraction and real-time PCR providing results for up to 24 samples across multiple syndromes in less than three hours*. The BD MAX System is designed to help address today’s challenges, while preparing your laboratory for tomorrow’s possibilities.

Goal: Optimizing workflow to improve care

The BD MAX can:

Raise staff productivity through automation1
Leverage a versatile menu and streamlined workflow to reduce total cost2-4
Improve turnaround time for fast, appropriate treatment decisions2,3,5,6

Goal: Reaching more patients with the right tests at the right time

The BD MAX can:

Address complex patient needs through unique assay design
Tailor testing to manage variable workloads
Leverage a broad, expanding suite of molecular solutions

Goal: Improving patient care with speed and accuracy

The BD MAX can:

Provide practitioners and patients accurate, timely results
Guide patient therapy, management and overall experience
Improve institutional, operational and financial outcomes

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BD MAX™ System

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Today’s laboratories face many challenges, including staff recruitment and retention, cost-containment pressures, increasing test volumes and diagnostic inaccuracies.

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