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Tracking and Workflow

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CEREBRO Specimen Tracking and Workflow Management System

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Achieve Operational Excellence Across Both Histology And Cytology Areas Of Your Lab.

CEREBRO is a holistic tracking and workflow management solution designed specifically to meet the patient safety, productivity, and flexibility needs of each individual AP laboratory – because every lab is different

Patient Safety

With CEREBRO, scanning the item ID actively verifies case details. At each step, CEREBRO confirms the link between the item and the patient, verifies that no items are overlooked, and ensures tasks are correctly completed.

Enhanced Productivity

Labs can spend thousands of hours a year on tasks that don’t add value including collecting data for management reports, redundant data entry, re-labelling and manual log keeping. With CEREBRO, these tasks can be streamlined and even virtually eliminated.

Increased Flexibility

CEREBRO is a modular and scalable solution which grants labs full coverage of their standard workflow as well as non-standard steps. CEREBRO can also connect to broad range of third party IT solutions, such as LIS systems, as well as Leica Biosystems’ and third party instruments.

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