BD Diagnostics – Diagnostic Systems provides integrated Identification / Susceptibility systems based on fluorogenic substrates, chromogenic substrates, microdilution MIC and Bauer-Kirby disc diffusion testing method that best adapts to your laboratory workflow.


Identification systems are utilized to obtain the identification (genus and species) of an organism. When the organism comes into contact with the substrates, the organism either reacts with the substrate (positive reaction) or there is no reaction (negative reaction). When the positive and negative reactions are combined, the identification of the organism is determined.


Susceptibility systems are utilized to determine what antimicrobics will be most effective in treating an organism. The organism is tested against various concentrations of antimicrobics, determining the organism’s resistance (ineffective) or susceptibility (effective) to the antimicrobics. The identification and susceptibility of an organism is information that the physician requires from the laboratory, which is used when determining patient treatment.


  • Stains, Droppers and Indicators
  • BD Crystal™ Manual Identification
  • BD Taxo™ Manual Differentiation
  • BD Sensi-Discs™ Manual Susceptibility Testing
  • BD Phoenix™ Automated Identification & Susceptibility Testing
  • BD Microtrol™ Quality Control Organism